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EPC (or Entertainment PC) believes a media PC should aimed squarely digital home entertainment. So, with that in mind, they’ve launched their Fidelity media PC range – a one-box home entertainment solution that offers digital TV, progressive scan DVD, HDTV playback and recording, CD play and record, internet access, digital photo viewing, games and email. Phew!

The systems are powered by the latest Intel 3Ghz processor, with a hard drive choice of 300Gb, 600Gb, 1 Terabyte (1000Gb) or 2 Terabytes (2000Gb), which is just as well as the Fidelity allows you to copy your DVD collection onto your hard disk for instant access. Imagine having all your DVDs at your fingertips! An audiophile-quality sound card is 192kHz/24-bit capable and offers SPDIF/co-axial digital and analogue stereo outputs. And as the unit is designed for a living room, it’s got a smart finish and an ultra-quiet cooling system.

The Fidelity systems are HDTV friendly straight out of the box and can be easily upgraded when HD DVD becomes a reality.

The systems start at £3,000 and are available exclusively from branches of Sevenoaks Sound And Vision. Visit www.entertainmentpc.co.uk for more information.

Dave Walker
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  • 2000Gb isn’t that much storage – it’s only 250GB. I think you’ve got your Gigabits (Gb) and GigaBytes (GB) mixed up!

    I think you mean 2000GB……

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