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You must have experienced that warm feeling in your lap – yes, the notebook getting a little hot and bothered after some heavy (and sometimes not so heavy) use on the move. Well, here’s a way of cutting it down – the Cooler Master NotePal series of notebook coolers.  Available for both 15" and 17" widescreen notebooks, they greatly reduce the temperature for more stable operation and increased lifespan, which has got to be a good thing.

Temperatures are reduced by twin 70mm fans positioned beneath the hard drive and battery. The fans also enhance airflow around the notebook, shielding the user from direct heat. No extra power supply is needed, Notepal powers directly from the notebook.

Available for both PC and Mac laptops, you can pick one up from around £22.

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  • Hi, I’m looking to buy a Cooler Master Notepal w1 with the third central fan but I don’t know anywhere that sells or ships it to the UK. I came across your site but I’m not sure if you do.

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