Clothes with central heating


Need to go out but don’t want to leave the comfort of the central heating? Don’t despair – Maplin Electronics have the ideal solution – a new range of clothing that has its own in-built central heating system

First on the shelves are a body warmer and gloves, both designed with fabric technology integrates heating wire into the garments.  The body warmer and gloves are designed to heat up to a cosy 40 degrees in just five minutes. And if you are off hiking in your heated outfit, you’ll be pleased to know that the zip on the body warmer also doubles as a compass device if you get lost on the hills.

Available in yellow or black, the centrally heated body warmer is available at around £40 and the gloves around £20 from Maplin Electronics stores.

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  • There is no point in waiting for maplins products they always seem to be out off the heating gloves and jackets, they get 4 jackets and 4 gloves in every months and it goes faster then the speed of u lighting a match. I’ve been waiting for 6 months now

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