CES 2006: World's biggest LCD TV


There’s already a huge amount of speculation as to what Sony will be displaying on its new stand at CES this year. One thing is for sure it has to better than last CES where its apology for exhibition was made to look very poor by the impressive stands of Korean rivals Samsung and LG. Two things to watch out for from Sony this year though are the PS3, obviously, and a huge new LCD TV.

Company CEO Howard Stringer has already said that there will be briefings about the new games console at the show, and there is likely to be at least the odd mock up on display.

According to The Register Sony is also apparently set to show an 82inch LCD set which will rival the 82inch model displayed by Samsung (pic above) earlier in the year. That might not be the end of the story though for Samsung could well pull a bigger set out of the hat while Sharp has been saying for ages that a 100 inch LCD is now possible.

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