CES 2006: Skullcandy's music helmet and headphones

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A contender for the coolest named company at CES is Skull Candy, which as you have probably already surmised makes all manner of headgear. We were particularly taken with its headphones – especially the pink pair (very Shiny Shiny) and the music and mobile phone ready snowboarding/skiing helmet, the Giro which is pictured below. (We were also quite taken with the girl modelling them but that’s another story). The helmet is obviously ultra tough and rugged and laughs off sleet and snow, but its key feature is that it comes with wired connections for a mobile and a music player.

The adapter works with all 3.5mm jacks, but if you want to use your mobile you need to specify which make it is when you order. The helmets start at $129 and go all the way up to $179. We haven’t seen any European distribution, but there’s no reason why they won’t work on this side of the pond. The headphones are the Ti DJ. They come in all kinds of groovy colours and retail for $39.95.

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