CES 2006: Philips portable DVD player

CES 2006

Most supposedly portable DVD players are quite bulky beasts that aren’t great for carrying around for long periods of time. However, Philips has come up with a new lightweight design. Essentially the PET320 looks like a traditional portable CD player, but with a 3.5inch 320 x 240 pixel screen built into the disc cover.

Expected to cost $129 in the US (UK prices to be decided), it comes with built-in stereo speakers and a composite video input. It also offers up to 2.5 hours playback with rechargeable battery. Philips also showed a 10inch portable DVD player at CES in Las Vegas. The PET1002 offers DivX, MPEG4 playback and boasts five hour battery life. It will retail in the US for $399. Philips

Pictured left is the Philips PET 1002 – a new portable DVD player with 10.2inch screen.

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  • i love this type of dvd player and i will if i could buy it.pls reply quikly.

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