CES 2006: Motorised pool lounger


When Conde Naste buys Tech Digest and we get exceedingly rich (fat chance) the first thing we intend to spend the cash on is our own private pool. And the first gadget we are likely to use on our new water wonderland is this motorised swimming pool lounger from the fantastically named Excalibur Electronics.

Just imagine sipping cocktails while racing the lounger from one end of the pool to another. Brilliant. Anyhow it works with two propellers at the bottom, which might not be great news for other swimmers, and comes with an all important drinks holder for making sure your beverage stays safe. It goes for $149 and Stuart from Pocket-Lint wheedled out of the staff that it will be on sale in the UK one day soon. In the US it goes for $149 – swimming pool not included.

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