CES 2006: Logitech's cordless Mac solution

CES 2006, Computers

Logitech has launched the Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser for Mac at the CES, a cordless keyboard-and-mouse combination for Macs. The S 530 is pitched as an upgrade for Mac users or an addition for anyone buying a Mac mini (which doesn’t have either). In the Mac "style", the keyboard is less than 19 mm high and features all the standard Mac keys plus side panels with additional buttons for shortcuts, which can be customised. The mouse tracks accurately on virtually any surface thanks to Logitech’s laser tracking technology and also features customisable buttons to control volume and movement within a browser without moving the mouse.

The S 530 runs through a USB mini-receiver that plugs directly into a Mac’s USB port. It’s easy to unplug the mini-receiver and mouse if you want to use it with your Powerbook or iBook.

You can pick up one of the S 530s for around £89.99 from March this year.

Dave Walker
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