CES 2006: Logitech's wireless phones

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TD regulars will know we are rather partial to the Plantronics Pulsar 590a wireless Bluetooth stereo headphones. For they not only let you bop around the room without running the risk of strangulation via cable but they also let you answer your Bluetooth phone when a call comes in.

Logitech is also championing Bluetooth headphones and has just announced its second generation pair at CES. The HS 200 and HS 210 also team up with both your MP3 player and your phone, but they have an additional feature in that they include Logitech’s WindStop technology which apparently helps users make calls even when they are being blown around by a great British gale. The difference between the two is that the HS 210 has square-shaped earpieces with a microphone embedded in the right earpiece, while the HS 200 features round earpieces and a microphone mini-boom that extends slightly from the right earpiece. Both work wirelessly up to 30 feet away from a phone/music player and have a battery life of eight hours playback time, and ten hours talk time. You can get them in spring for around £100.

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One thought on “CES 2006: Logitech's wireless phones

  • One thing you won’t know about Logitech’s lovely Bluetooth headphones: they don’t fit everybody. I bought a pair. I have a large head, but well within human range. The phones hurt so much I couldn’t wear them for long, but (being a fool and like you a slave to technology) I persisted. Within a fortnight they broke across the back, in the middle of the plastic loop which connects the two phones and holds them tight (ouch!) on your ears.

    Now I’m having to take the suppliers (Watford Electronics) to the small claims court, so this isn’t entirely a joke … but I have Which? Legal Services behind me, so I’m pretty confident of a nice result. I’ll keep you posted, so long as you let your readers know the TRUTH (TM).

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