CES 2006: JVC adds Everio cams


As expected JVC is adding to its line up of Everio hard disk based camcorders. At CES it has announced four new models; a pair of 20 Gigabyte cams – the GZ-MG21 and GZ-MG27 and two 30 Gigabyte models – the GZ-MG37 and GZ-MG77. The big innovation for this year is that all the camcorders can be teamed up with a DVD burner for direct footage transfer even if the owner doesn’t have a PC. JVC has also upped the transfer speed too.

The top-end GZ-MG77 has a 1.9inch 2.3 mega pixel CDD, a 10x optical zoom lens and a 2.7inch monitor. The other three models have lower resolution 680k CCDs, but offer a more powerful 32x optical zoom. The 30 gig models can house between 7-37 hours of video storage with the 20 Giggers having 4.5-25 hours. All four models will be available in the US in February /March. There is however no sign of the promised HD compatible Everio. Maybe that’ll follow later in the year.

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One thought on “CES 2006: JVC adds Everio cams

  • I hope JVC reads this comment!!!

    I currently like your GZ-MC500US. It’s been out for a while, so I’m waiting for a 720p version that records in mpeg4. Also, an image stabilizer, data buffering, shock absorption and night vision would be a few nice touches. It’s already got some other niceties like removable Hard Drive, compact size, ability to record in Dolby Digital Audio and 10x optical zoom.


    I’d pay $2000 USD for a product like this.

    Crossing my fingers! Please please please… JVC

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