CES 2006: Better mobile phone reception in your home

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If you have rubbish mobile phone coverage in your home – and let’s face it anyone with a 3G mobi will know all about wavering signal strength bars on their handset – help is at hand. New company Spotwave has developed a system called the Zen that apparently works intelligently to ensure you get crystal clear reception throughout your home.

It consist of two units, one sited where the signal is strongest in the home usually on an inside wall. The other unit is then placed where the signal is at its weakest. All in all Spotwave claims to ensure that even in home with weak signals the user will get reception quality of five bars. The first unit, which gone on sale in the US inthe summer for $400 is designed specifically for GSM phones, but the company says it hopes to have a dedicated 3G model available for Europe in the second half of 2006.

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