Where have all the nanos gone?

MP3 players

Even after the launch of the video iPod, demand for the nano shows no sign of subsiding. And it looks like Apple has underestimated it. Top of many Christmas lists – but if you haven’t got a 4GB model now, you can probably forget it.

We’ve trawled the high street and searched the leading retailers, but have yet to find any of the bigger nanos in stock. Amazon is quoting 4-6 weeks. Other retailers just have their ‘sold out’ signs up. 2GB models are still around and there are plenty of other models to be had if you’re flexible.

All this has sent the price soaring at eBay. Our friends at Bayraider report sellers making a massive mark-up on 4GB nanos – and strangely, some of the other in-stock models too. To find out by just how much, visit Bayraider now. And if you know of a stock of nanos, let us know.

Dave Walker
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