We get our hands on an Xbox 360


several hours of queuing, one of our dedicated writers became the proud owner of
the latest in gaming technology. Excitement was high but not as hysterical as tales from the US, however, the Deluxe package proved to be especially sought after with one man offering £200 to our reporter to swap for a Core package. Poor fool.

Early impressions look good: the Xbox 360 really
shines in terms of graphical power and media centre abilities. Microsoft’s
efforts to assimilate all the responsibilities of a living room are doing the Xbox
proud. On the downside the console’s original purpose, gaming, is left a little
behind. Even though it is still early days, there no game that looks set to
achieve Halo status. Rest assured that the enhanced Xbox Live! multiplayer and
community system will be one of the more defining points of the console. Have a
look at the full review here.

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