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The imminent UK launch of Xbox 360 has connotations beyond the simple pleasures of console gaming. The move to introduce 720p (1280 x 720 progressive format) and 1080i (1280 x 1080 interlaced video) resolutions means that the clarity of console gaming is getting beyond the ability of the old-fashioned telly technology. Most accounts from those extremely fortunate few who got their hands on the new Xbox first say that the leap to high definition has made a huge difference. This, coupled with the approaching start of High Definition signals in the UK, means that it’s a really great time to think about upgrading your set. Telewest has just started trialing its new HDTV service using its Teleport TV-on-demand service where as Sky is launching HD versions alongside some existing channels; both are due out early-mid 2006. Unsurprisingly ‘HD Ready’ TVs equipped with appropriate HDMI or DVI inputs are still quite expensive, but prices are dropping fast and a sub-£500 Videoseven 27″ LCD is now available and the Dell W2600 for around £380 is coming shortly. For more High Definition news, take a gander at our sister-blog HDTV UK.

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  • “At least get the info right. 1080i is 1920×1080. Not 1280×1080. GET IT RIGHT N00B”

    Congrats, you’re only a little under a year late in pointing that out. Get a life you dick.

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