Telewest's HDTV service – preview


HDTV UK got a chance to see HDTV up close at Telewest‘s Woking HQ. Among
the first HD programmes be offered to Telewest viewers is Pride,
the BBC’s live action/CGI documentary style programme that focuses on
the lives of a group of young lions. It looks superb in High Definition
with the rich colours of the African plains complementing the superb
level of detail of the animals’ faces and bodies.

Pride is shown in 1080i the higher definition of the two HDTV
formats and Telewest says that many of its programmes will be screened
in this format.
Not all of Telewest HD offering looks quite as good as Pride though.
Several of the programmes have been upscaled to HD while others are
classic series like The House of Cards which have been remastered for
HD. The company wil launch movies in HD early in 2006.

Sky is expected to launch its HDTV services in early 2006. It
channel line up includes High Definition versions of several of its
channels plus the National Geographic documentary channel. The BBC has
also announced plans for HD experiments in the coming year. Both
Telewest and Sky are hoping that the 2006 Word Cup, which will be
filmed in HD, will be made available by the BBC via both satellite and
cable platforms.

We’ll have a fuller review of Telewest’s TV Driver system tomorrow.

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