Self-destructing SMS

Mobile phones

Most of the time our text messages are nothing more than idle gossip, sent in a moment of boredom in a café or at a bus stop.

But what happens when you send a personal or work-related text. Can you be sure it will only be read by the intended recipient? If you don’t want the stress of a trail of damaging SMS, you could try StealthText.

When a message is sent, the recipient receives a text notification showing the sender’s name and providing a link to the message. Once opened, the message disappears after a short period of time – enough time for that person alone to read it.

With the memory of Rebecca Loos still strong, celebrity agents are already queuing up for this text killer, along with a number of businesses and government departments. If you want your texts to remain private, StealthText is launched in the UK in early 2006 at a cost of 50p per text.

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