Panasonic trials Blu-ray disc production


Long ago we lost count of the score in the
Blu-ray versus HD DVD format war, but Microsoft’s decision not to back HD DVD
technology, as was once rumoured, in
the Xbox 360 when Sony will be using the Blu-ray format in the PS3 may prove to
be a defining factor in the eventual outcome. As it stands, Blu-ray is
basically on top in the battle to be the new storage medium as it has been
adopted by more large companies. Panasonic is now testing production of Blu-ray
discs in its Californian factory and not just ordinary Blu-ray discs, dual
layer 50GB ones! This is sore news for the HD DVD camp as its
technology is currently only capable of a 15GB capacity which was always behind
single layer Blu-ray’s 25GB capacity anyway. Obviously there is still the added
advantage of HD DVD’s compatibility with exiting DVD players and the lack of
need to upgrade to the blue-violet laser. For more news on the format war, take
a look at fellow blog HDTV UK for news on
all things high definition.

via Gizmodo

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