Dead wood media day 1: PC Pro awards


Must admit we don’t normally bang on about dead wood media titles here on Tech Digest, because 1, they are complicit in the murder of millions of innocent young saplings, and 2, they pinch advertising space that should by rights be ours. Give it back now!

But we’ll make an exception for the thoroughly nice crew from PC Pro magazine who hosted a top awards event last night at the stunning Park Lane Hotel in London.

We had sumptuous food, top comedy and some great hosts in PC Pro’s ever amiable king boffin Tim Danton and Sky News’ super sassy anchor Ginny Buckley (love the wind tunnel hair effect btw).

There was also an award or two and you can find out about them after the turn.

Technology Innovator – Google

Best Web Application – Froogle

Most Wanted Hardware – Eizo FlexScan S2110W (err, it’s a very lovely monitor)

Best Online Retailer – Go on guess, it begins with A

Best ISP Broadband – Zen Internet

PDA/Smartphone – BlackBerry

Digital Camera – Canon

Projector – Sony

Notebook – Lenovo

PC Award – HP

Some of the awards were voted for by PC Pro staff, some by their readers and a few by the labs team who probably haven’t seen daylight since 1995.

You’ll get more info here soon.

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One thought on “Dead wood media day 1: PC Pro awards

  • Yeah! I was amazed to see that an LCD monitor won the Most Wanted Hardware award in a category which had the likes of Sony, Fujitsu and Epson.

    Never thought that a monitor would earn its (pretty well deserved) place in the sun. This is a widescreen monitor (from EIZO – a pretty well recognised name in the creative and media world) having unparalleled brightness and clarity. See it to believe it.

    Overall, the awards were along expected lines, although. must admit, the competition was tougher this year with many more companies involved in each category.

    Way to go, PC Pro!

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