Apple to go boom in 2006?

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Just when you thought Apple’s domination of the digital market has hit a peak, word reaches us that the computer giant plans to launch several new iPod-related digital audio products at the start of next year, including an iPod boombox, described as unlike "anything Apple has released in the past". According to Appleinsider, the website which let’s face it has got plenty of stuff right in the past  these "iPod companions" are set to be unveiled at the annual Macworld expo in San Francisco, which is held during the second week of January.

Details of the products are sparse, but one source described the boombox as "an oversized iPod with boombox-type speakers". It is believed to include wireless audio streaming capabilities, but could also rely on a built-in hard drive, iPod dock, or a combination of the three technologies.

With iPod owners snapping up huge numbers of accessories to go with their players, Apple could be onto another winner. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for any further developments.

Via Apple Insider

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One thought on “Apple to go boom in 2006?

  • iPod Hi-Fi:
    It’s name is misleading at first blush. It’s an iPod dock that’s made to hook up to your stereo and television. HDMI out, Digital Optical Out, Right/Left Analog Out, Firewire 400, and USB 2.0. Includes an HDMI to S-Video/Composite adapter and an Apple Remote.

    The on-screen interface is Front Row. All Front Row features are present, including streaming online trailers and audio/video from iTunes 6 on your Mac or PC.

    What it is NOT is a PVR. There is no tuner, no cablecard slot, no inputs for television of any kind, no hard drive – in short: none of the things that make a PVR a PVR.

    iPod Boombox:
    The Hi-Fi built-in to a 16:9 screen, with integrated DVD Player and speakers. Three sizes. HDMI in, Digital Optical Out, Firewire 400, and USB 2.0. Apple Remote included.

    “Plasma” being the non-technical person’s catch-all meaning “large, flat screen” it’s unclear what technology they’ll be going with.

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