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The folks over at sister site Gadget Centre recently got chance to have a hands on with the Nokia N92 – the first mobile phone to feature an integrated DVB-H receiver that delivers digital TV on the go. Read how it could change the shape of mobile phones.

From my brief play with the N92 I can vouch for the following.

It has a superb screen – the video images looked startling – way beyond another mobile. It is large – kind of like a cross between the Nokia N91 and a HTC Universal. The keyboard is excellent – very tactile and responsive. We won’t however see its key features – such as on the fly video recording and interactive TV – until a DVB-H service launches next year.

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  • No offense, but there is nothing in what they call a ‘review’ that shows they had some hands on time with the phone. All the information in the article could be easily derived from the press release.

    Sorry, not trying to step on your toes, just thought it was misleading and disappointing.

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