Nintendo takes major step in wireless gaming

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All credit to the Japanese granddaddy of
gaming for never doing anything by halves. November 25th will be a
day to remember for anyone who placed their trust in the Nintendo DS to go above and beyond gaming expectations, even in the
face of the stiff competition from Sony’s PSP. DS owners will no doubt have
noticed the wireless connection indicator on the handheld unit and many, like
me, might have raised a wry smile thinking “that’s probably something only for
Japanese gamers”. How wrong I was. A groundbreaking deal with Wi-Fi hotspot
providers BT Openzone and The Cloud means that from the 25th your DS will
be able to play online multiplayer games, such as the much anticipated Mario Kart
DS, for free at over 7,500 locations across the UK
. And yes that is free as in no subscriptions,
fees, whatever. If you have a broadband connection at home with a wireless
router you can also connect and, if you have no Wi-Fi network, Nintendo is
kindly releasing a USB Wi-Fi adapter for £30. The really interesting question,
however, is what else could we use
the DS’s built in microphone and free Wi-Fi connection for I wonder…

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