Motorola's Skype headset

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Now that Skype had done the big deal with eBay expect to see plenty of other big name companies starting to back it. Like Motorola which today announced the first Skype-certified Bluetooth headset solution, the Motorola Wireless Internet Calling Kit. The system, which comprises a Motorola HS815 Bluetooth Headset and PC850 PC Adapter, enables users to make Skype calls, which as you probably know are free to other Skype users.

It also comes with 30 SkypeOut minutes so the owner can chat away to people on landlines or mobiles for free for half an hour. The system has six hours of battery talk time and can be used up to 30 metres away from the PC. It is in the stores today. Incidentally Skype now boasts more than 66 million registered worldwide users, which is quite astonishing growth by anyone’s standards.

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