Goodmans 10" portable DVD player

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I have always thought of Goodmans as a
cheap alternative to other higher quality makes but now it seems like it is out
to challenge that belief. The GDVD100WLCD is not only a very good looking 10″ TFT
screen, but it also has a premium price tag of £299 to betray the quality of
the build. Obviously you’ll need to see one in the flesh to make up your mind
on that count but it is surprisingly feature rich too; it plays DVD, DVD-RW,
DVD-R, CD and CD-R format media and also has SD/MMC card slot. However, apart
from JPG format pictures, there is no mention of any other supported audio or
video formats which could be a bit limiting. The integrated stereo speakers are
complemented by a 5.1 channel output which in turn backs up the 3.5mm composite
video output; this means the GDVD100WLCD is equally useful in a home system as
out on the road and there is also two built in headphone sockets. It also has
shock protection and comes with a credit card sized remote.

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