Sony's 250,000 bouncy balls


Older readers may remember those scenes from The Prisoner where Patrick McGoohan used to try and escape from the island, only to be scooped up by an incredibly sinister balloon Rover and taken back to ‘the village’ (younger readers just ask your grandad). It used to scare the living bejaysus out of me that’s for sure. Well just think how San Franciscans must have felt when 250,000 coloured mini-balloons came floating down the street towards them in July. They must have thought their time was up and they’d been rounded up to live in Arkansas or somewhere equally dull. Fortunately for them it was all a stunt for Sony’s new High Definition TV ad to show how just its colours are like no other. We’ll be telling you more about the ad campaign and the product itself in a series of Sony sponsored posts appearing on Tech Digest throughout the month. But if you can’t wait to see the advert on telly then check out the BRAVIA site.

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