Pentax's OptioWPi and S6


Pentax has a pair of new snappers which go on sale today.
You probably know all about the Optio WPi as it is a makeover of the WP, the first ever completely waterproof camera. The models are fairly similar though Pentax has upped the mega pixel count to 6.1 s slimmed the body down a little. Other features include a 2.0inch LCD monitor, continuous autofocus tracking and movie capture. It is waterproof down to around 1.5 metres. It costs £269.99.

Pentax is also debuting the £279 Optio S6, which is a Dixons only model for a month or so. It is a six mega pixel model compact with a 3xoptiocal zoom lens and a 2.5inch LCD monitor. It is also rather slim and light.

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