New iPod – the UK take

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Well, we know the new iPod (no fancy names like video iPod) is available in two versions and in black and white. It will also play back MPEG4 video files (well secure ones) as well as MP3, AAC and the various other Apple formats like Lossless and JPEG photo files. The 30 gig version will go for £219 while the 60 Gigger is £299.

The big leap is that the new player has a battery life of 20 hours – over to you Sony – and the models are 10% thinner than the previous 20 Gig model. The player has a 2.5inch screen with a 320×240 pixels. Interestingly there’s no mention of any video content on the UK iTunes music site – so just like before Apple is probably experimenting with the US market before the big Euro launch.

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One thought on “New iPod – the UK take

  • Nooooooo!!!! The battery life when watching videos is 2 HOURS!!!! Not 20 hours. That’s the backlight taking the juice.

    “Over to you, Sony”, again, I disagree. This iPod is not being well-received by consumers.

    A full-blown video iPod is being released next year with a larger screen. This is just a stop-gap.

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