ITV trialling broadband TV


We’ve long known that broadband could
easily provide an alternative means for delivering telly to traditional ones.
By and large the focus of research into its possibilities have been focussed on
its potential as a means for delivering HDTV signals, with poor old low def telly
being somewhat over looked. It’s nice to see then that ITV have begun trialling
a new TV service, designed to reach out to individual communities, using broadband.
ITV Local is still in trial period and only covers Brighton and Hastings
at the moment,
with very limited content. It is, however, easy to see the potential of the
service, which is set to accept content from would-be film makers and other
keen enthusiasts. It also loads up pretty quickly and seems to stream

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movies over broadband
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  • I am glad ITV have finally caught on to this medium.
    Vision-News.Tv has been providing South Wiltshire, North Dorset and West Hampshire with local on demand video news for over a year now!

    We are not trialing in we are doing it!!!

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