Gravis' AV range protects your gadgets


The combination of low cost travel and the myriad of fantastic gadgets it is possible, nay necessary, to have about your person at any one time, it is small wonder that companies are beginning to investigate means to keep those delicate pieces of electronics protected. Gravis, manufacturers of shoes and bags, has produced the AV range of luggage which is helpfully tailored for laptop, iPod and digital camera owners. The stuff is heavily orientated towards Apple products but as most competing products are of similar shapes that shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

Your technical accessories are shielded from harm by the compression moulded cases, all carefully compartmentalised to stop them rattling around. There are 6 different styles covering just about all the bases; the smallest is the AV terminal, shaped for passports, tickets etc and space for an iPod shuffle (or indeed any other stick shaped MP3 player). For laptop owners there is the L-Case which is available in 12″, 15″ and 17″ sizes and for your iPod there’s the G-Case which will presumably be equally comfortable holding any hard disk based MP3 player. No word on prices or availability yet.


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