Fotothing's free photoblog service gets tuneful


Fotothing now allows you to
add an MP3 soundtrack to your photo slideshow which is a first as far as we
Sharing pics with complete strangers in far
flung reaches of the globe has become a surprisingly popular pursuit in recent
years and Fotothing has the advantage of being completely free.
Its very simple to upload pics, pretty simple to add sound – simple supply
an MP3 URL and then everyone can see your masterwork. Another benefit of
Fotothing is that aren’t forced to log in to just view pics, which is pretty
sensible in my opinion.


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  • I love to make fotos
    I always did my very own
    I do no steal and pretend anything
    fotsothing erased me…..
    after request again and again of my neighbor mr.justju somebody from canada/titlePRO answerd with the most insulting proposel about my original fotos.
    we looked at his site …ha,ha,
    a hobby man like me, but……

    but I think this is not a site for good serious fotografer to enjoy..

    british are having no good food
    lousy warm beer
    lots of rain
    very funny humor
    and a lot of problems—
    “cause the empire they stole together in the past worlwide-is gone..long…
    greatniss and uniquenes exist only in their empireheads

    stay away from fotothing….!!!!
    the web is big and great
    many providers are happy to present you creativity


  • I did teach LasminiTutik to make fotos — they took great pleasure out of it and I was amazed what they could see an capture.
    SHAME ON FOTOSTHING to elimenate them.
    non of the people responding to my
    complain could proof that they stole their fotos.
    also nobody answered my further request acc this matter
    what a lousy management…


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