First TV service to GPRS (2.5G) phones

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If you fancy watching a bit of TV on your mobile and don’t yet have a 3G phone, here is some potentially good news. Rok, who you may remember as offering storage cards for phones pre-loaded movies and programmes, is now offering a TV streaming service to GPRS handsets. I’ll believe the quality when I see it, but the company says that once the user has downloaded the ROK player they can stream up to 10 live and on-demand channels including the Cartoon Network, CNN and ITN.

Similar to Orange’s rival 3G TV service it is free to try Rok TV, but after a month or so unless you pay £9.99 per month your screen goes blank.
While it sounds great in theory there is a drawback or two. Firstly the service is only available on certain Nokia phones. Also users will also have to pay their network for the data they download on top of the £9.99 per month. Apparently it is around 10MB of data per hour of viewing at a claimed 15fps.
Hopefully I’ll have a go with the service shortly. More here.

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