Yamaha's budget YSP-800 sound projector

Home cinema

We gave you the heads up on this one the other week and now we can reveal the full details. Yamaha has announced that a budget version of its innovative Digital Sound Projector YSP-1 surround speaker system will go on sale shortly. We loved the YSP-1 for the way it delivered a very convincing surround sound performance, complete with noises coming from behind, from just one large-lozenge shaped speaker. The new YSP-800 repeats the same trick but is smaller, has less power and fewer speakers (23 digital amplifiers that power 22 audio) and is a few quid cheaper at £600. The unit, which apparently can be set up in minutes features three modes; music, movies and sports, which replicates the soundscapes of concert halls, cinemas and stadiums.

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