The classroom friendly laptop


Here’s an odd one. RM, which apparently is one of the biggest providers of notebooks PC to schools and colleges, has unveiled a laptop especially designed for use in the classroom. I took that to mean it was so robust that students would find it impossible to scratch ‘Miss Jones is a slag’ in the casing, but apparently that isn’t the headline feature.
Instead it is designed to withstand a classroom scrap or two, includes a feature-set that teachers and school technicians from across the UK have requested and has thin rubber number plates to protect its screen.
A hard screen LCD, apparently the first notebook in its class to have this, protects against poking fingers and wandering pens, whilst the magnesium alloy lid protects the LCD screen from damage when the notebook is closed. 

There’s also an optional waterproof protective keyboard cover should Noah from year 7 decide to splatter it with paint, gob or whatever.
And to ensure it doesn’t end up as the star prize on some youngster’s eBay auction it sports a  steel Kensington lock that secure the optical drive and disables the on and off wireless button.
Prices start at around £549 from here.

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