Ten things you didn't know about PSPs*


The PSP is out. In fact, by now the PSP is already probably gone, given the demand for the things and Sony‘s unwillingness to ship enough to meet supply. In any case, here’s a list of ten little snippets of PSP goodness for you to peruse.

1. It comes with an infra-red port, but no-one knows what it does yet.Woooooo.

2. It comes with a browser allowing easy access to the web, provided a wi-fi hotspot is handy.

3. If you bend down both sides of the PSP console slightly, you get an effect know as the UMD shuriken. The disc pops out in a shuriken like manner, enough to startle potential attackers. Perhaps. 

4. With any luck, someone will have hacked the PSP firmware 2.0, giving us the ability to use the PSP as a SNES and Genesis emulator, as has happened with the US and Japanese models.

5. Yup, everyone probably knows this, but the PSP doubles as a photo-viewer, MP3 player and movie player. Provided your memory stick’s big enough.

6. If you get Wipeout Pure (and you really should) and you’re near a
wi-fi point, you can use the wireless download feature to download a
host of new tracks and ships.

7. Sony are rumoured to be making an eyetoy for the PSP.

8. Macusers can go to Pocket Mac and download software to get their PSP to sync with iTunes. Which is cool.

9. Lots of games have a wireless download play
function, meaning that only one person has to have a copy of the game
for a bunch of PSP owning fanatics to play multiplayer games.

10. VoIP software might be on the way, Sony willing.

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Chris Cornwell
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  • Wow, I only count 1 thing on that list that are not a)wildly speculative, b)functionally useless, c)reliant on potential illegal use, d)widely known already

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