Nokia postpones N91 until after Christmas – gets WMA support too

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Big news from Nokia in that it has decided to delay its N91 hard disk based music phone until the start of next year. It was expected that the handset would be in the stores just before Christmas.

Interestingly Nokia puts the delay down to its plans for ensuring that the N91 ‘will work on the widest range of music platforms and be a true "jukebox" mobile phone.’
"What we basically decided is that we will postpone it a few weeks, push it out to Q1 and do this Microsoft DRM implementation solidly," Jonas Geust, vice president of music in Nokia’s Multimedia division, said in an interview with Reuters.
This means that that the N91 will almost certainly be compatible with DRM protected WMA files such as those offered by Napster and Virgin Digital.

It will also be customizable so that different networks such as Vodafone and O2 can offer their own music download services on the phone.
Nokia said it wanted consumers to be free to choose how to get their music – from CDs copied to a PC, directly from Internet stores, or from their mobile network operator – and be able to harmonise their collections at the click of a button.
In case you missed our earlier story the N91 has a four -gigabyte hard drive capable of storing up to  3,000 songs.

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