Nikon goes Wi-Fi with the P1 and P2


Nikon’s camera frenzy continues with news of the impending September launch of no fewer than six new products. There are a couple of L series cameras and a pair of new Coolpix snappers, but the ones that caught our eye were the £349 Coolpix P1 and £279 Coolpix P2 the company’s first Wi-Fi enabled cameras. This means they can send images from the camera or its memory card wirelessly to a PC. The models have a fairly similar design, the key differences being the P1 (an exclusive to Jessops in the UK) can take eight mega pixel images while the P2 takes five. Both feature a 3.5x zoom capability and powerful 36-126mm Zoom-Nikkor lens (35mm equivalent) and sport 16 handy Scene Modes. They also feature a trio of recent Nikon innovations: D-Lighting which improves images taken with excessive back light or insufficient flash, Portrait (Face AF) Mode which has the ability to detect a human face in the frame achieving sharp focus for it when the subject is facing the camera from a typical portrait distance and In-Camera Red-Eye Fix. Both also sport a 2.5 inch LCD monitor and can capture video at 30 frames per second. They’ll both be on sale in the UK by the end of the month. More details on the new models here.

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