Nevada's roll-up piano


The trouble with choosing a piano, as opposed to taking up say the trumpet, is that it isn’t exactly purpose-built for off the off the cuff musical interludes. So while your guitar savvy mates can happily sit around the campfire strumming Ging Gang Goolie, up until now the only keyboard pianists have played while  gazing into the flames are air keyboards. I’m discounting those nasty hang round your neck guitar style keyboards so beloved by 80s American hair rockers as they are way too expensive.

Well now there’s an easy way for pianists to get portable and that is  rollup keyboard that has been developed by Nevada Music. On sale for £80, the Roll Up Travel Piano does exactly as it says rolling up into a small ball making it easy to carry and then roll out when the Kids From Fame moment takes hold. There are an board speakers for sharing sounds at the campfire knees up or an earphones socket for the more bashful.
It comes equipped with a MIDI output and can be connected to a computer to use as a
controller keyboard (much easier than composing or arranging with a mouse).
It also has 128 General MIDI sounds, 100 built in rhythms and 20 demo songs too. More from here.

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