IFA 2005: KiSS recorders play back High Def footage on DVD-ROM


Forget your Blu-ray Vs HD DVD format war. Details are sketchy but it appears that our fave Scandi networked device company KiSS Technology has unveiled pair of DVD players that are apparently unique as they are the first that can play back High Definition recordings in Windows Media Video format on a DVD-ROM. Kiss claims that Windows Media Video compression for films is nearly four times as efficient as the type used for standard digital TV and the DVD MPEG-2 format. Industry observers see Windows Media Video playing an increasingly important role with video-on-demand services. We won’t be too convinced until we see the model working though as we suspect the whole HD standard is going to get a bit murky as soon as it becomes streamable.
Anyhow the un-named players can also play MPEG-4 videos and MP3 or Ogg Vorbis audio files and features a Wi-Fi connection for hooking up to a home network. The larger of the two models also has a built-in 80 GB hard drive.

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