Fujifilm's new top-end compact camera


Fujifilm’s FinePix F10 Zoom c
ertainly lived up to its billing and was one of the key compacts of last twelve months. So it’ll be interesting to see how its successor, the FinePix F11 Zoom, which was announced today, fares.
The two models are similar in terms of design and 6.3 mega pixel image capture, but Fujifilm has added some new functions and tweaked the camera’s manual options.

It now features aperture priority and shutter priority modes, which Fujifilm claims gloves scope for a level of creativity and photographic control that will appeal to photography enthusiasts.

The FinePix F11 Zoom has ISO rating of 80-1600, features a 2.5" LCD screen, and can apparently snap 500 shots on a single battery charge. It goes on sale in November. No price details yet.

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