VisionMirror's LCD mirror telly


A couple of years ago when Philips unveiled its Mirror TV which features an LCD screen integrated into, you guessed it, a mirror, we thought it would just be a gimmicky fad. Apparently not for a British manufacturer called VisionMirror is now starting to offer a similar product. Aimed at both wealthy consumers and businesses (think hairdressers) the 3×2 foot mirror features a 15inch (4:3), 17inch or 23inch widescreen set built in. Just like Philips the company claims that when the set is switched off it becomes invisible with users only seeing the mirror. The mirror comes with an integrated analogue TV tuner though the maker claims it will happily work with digital TV decoders and can be used to as a PC monitor. The mirror can also be made completely waterproof rendering it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. There’s no confirmed price yet.

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