Triallists wanted for 24 meg broadband service


Got a fast broadband connection? Does it race along at all of 1.5 megs? Well how do you fancy web speeds that really threaten speed records? In what it likely to bring about a virtual stampede new UK broadband provider Be is on the look out for customers who fancy trailing its ADSL2+ 24meg download, 1 meg upload internet connection.

Triallists will pay nothing for September and then after it is apparently 20 quid a month. Non-triallists who get the service later will probably pay a little more.

The only catch is that users have to live in London, own a BT landline that can be connected to a telephone exchange where Be has fitted their equipment. To register, go here.

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One thought on “Triallists wanted for 24 meg broadband service

  • hi, if you wanna sign up, then make sure you say you were reffered by me, use this email address, [email protected]
    it will get you and me a free month of internet and also use the promotional code ‘NOTOSLOW’ to get the service for only £20 a month and not pay a connection fee… 🙂

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