Toshiba launches TS921 in UK

Mobile phones

The mobile phone handset markets definitely the one to be at, and it looks like Toshiba is about to try and get a little of the market that  Sharp, Samsung and many others have got so much out of. Toshiba’s TS921 3G phone is hitting the streets now via Vodafone and here’s what you can expect from it: the phone comes packing a 1.92 mega-pixel camera, which has an integrated flash and can record videos in MPEG-4 to be sent over on Vodafone’s UMTS network.

The phone is no slouch in the battery depatment either, with 300 hours of standby or 160 minutes of talking time. As you might expect, the camera comes with bluetooth and infrared. Guess we’ll find out soon if this phone signals a new era of Toshiba mobile phones.

Chris Cornwell
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