Today's top tech stories from the US


Here’s another roundup of distilled Tech news from the USA.

Lazer Trip Wire (thinkgeek): Ok, it’s probably not the most foolproof security system in the world. But it is probably the coolest.

In-ear headphones reviewed (engadget): Those noise cancelling Bose ones look great. If only I had 299 bucks to spare.

Bountiful Router extends wi-fi range up to 1200 feet (engadget):
OK, so maybe you’ve got a really, really big house.

QZiQ LCD monitor with integrated PC (i4u): Sort of like a Mac on the outside, but with a PC on the inside.

Canon MVX4i Digital Video Camera (Gizmodo): A 4.29 megapixel camera. Niiiice.

Chris Cornwell
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