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Here’s today’s daily dose of Tech, fresh from the US of A.

CVS Video Camera Hack (gizmodo): Looks like someone’s managed to hack into those returnable digital cameras that were launched not so long ago. Unsurprising, really. But still cool.

Rumours of the 5th gen iPod (i4u): Scroll wheel no longer? And removable batteries? Sounds good.

Digital Trumpet
(i4u): Letting all of us slightly less skilled musicians hit those high
notes without having to do that pesky years of practice thing.

Cowon iAudio M5 now official (dapreview): Nice looking audio player, which happens to have ‘i’ in the title. Still, what ones don’t nowadays?

Creative Zen Sleek (engadget): Another natty looking portable music player, coming out soon.

Chris Cornwell
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