The 'Mighty' multi-buttoned mouse for Apple owners


Step right up Apple owners, I hope you’re
gripping your seat tightly, because what is about to be unveiled here is
probably the most radical, diverse and deviant thinking you’ve ever been
witness to. Quake before this freakish carnival of high tech monstrosities. This is the MIGHTY MOUSE.
No, this isn’t like any mouse you’ve ever seen before; it has broken new
boundaries in mouse design, taking human-computer interface to a new direction,
nay, a new dimension. Not one, not
two, not three but four buttons adorn
this electronic peculiarity making it the most curious and aberrant device you’ll
ever see attached to a Mac. And, if that wasn’t enough, each of these buttons can
be programmed to suit whatever warped or eccentric functions you deem

Joking aside, PC owners have experienced
the joy of poly-buttoned mice in all sorts of shapes and sizes for years, yet
some Apple owners have been left in a kind of mouse dark-age, just for thesake of
simplicity. Sure, it’s simple enough when you’re just typing documents or surfing the net,
but try using a 3D modelling package with a one button mouse and you’ll soon be
spitting venom. Possibly the most innovative aspect of the Mighty Mouse is the
scroll ball that allows for multi directional scrolling and could definitely prove
beneficial. The Mighty Mouse is available now from the Apple Store and other
Apple retailers for £35 which does seem a little steep but at least it still retains
the slick Apple design I guess.

via The Inquirer


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