Razer unleashes Copperhead Gaming Mouse


Gaming peripherals have seen an explosion
in popularity in recent times and part of that is due to Razer‘s excellent
Diamondback that set the standards now demanded by dangerously elite players. The
Copperhead is Razer’s latest offering which, although sporting the same shape as
its counterpart, seeks to add greater functionality and precision. Unlike
some of Logitech’s rival models the Copperhead is ambidextrous, making it one of the only options for lefties, plus there are two extra buttons on each side of the mouse whose functionality changes according which hand you prefer.

These will vary
between the traditional forward and back buttons and a switch to manipulate
the sensitivity of the mouse, which is now capable of an awesome 2,000 dpi (topping
Logitech’s MX518 at 1,600 dpi). USB response rate has also been a major concern of
serious gamers in the past and so the Copperhead can be set to run at a massive 1,000Hz. Razer
has really pushed the boat out with the Copperhead and unsurprisingly the hefty £44 recomended
price tag reflects that. There’s now word on a release date yet, but it looks to be in the very near future.

Read via Gamespot

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