Philips wireless music centre on sale in UK

MP3 players

Without a doubt it is one of the most eagerly awaited products of 2005. Yes folks Philips innovative WACS700 Wireless Music Centre has finally arrived in the UK and can be snapped up in High Street retailer Dixon’s for £600. In case you missed the hype the Wireless Music Centre combines a cracking B&O style design with superb wireless audio streaming functionality. It comprises a main server unit, which features a 40 Gigabyte hard drive, CD player, amplifier and speakers, and a slave unit which has just the speakers and an amplifier. The idea is that you position the slave unit in another room with the main unit streaming MP3 or WMA tracks wirelessly to it. You can obviously play music via the main unit too.

Users can have up to six slave devices, they retail for £200 each, tethered to one main unit thereby creating a complete home wireless streaming solution. MP3 or WMA tracks can be transferred to the hard disk from a PC or created using the main unit’s CD and integrated ripping software. It also boasts a feature that enables you to pause music on one player and then carry on listening to it where you left off on another player. Clever stuff. A basic system, consisting of one main unit and a slave unit costs £600. Hopeful I’ll be taking delivery of one in the next week, so watch here for a full review.

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