NHJ files for bankruptcy


I really can’t believe it. It appears that one of my favourite gadget purveryors, Japan’s awesome NHJ, has filed for bankruptcy. Apparently the company famous for its TV watch, Bluetooth MP3 player and wonderfully kitsch Hello Kitty tat is now under administration. It is incredible really given the yards of press coverage the company has had in the UK over the past few weeks. Now If only I had clung on to that TV watch I had on test a month or so back. More here

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  • Got an old digital camera from friend and it uses a Fujifilm NP-100 lithium battery. Appears to be the same battery. One says 3.6 volts and the other 3.7 volts but should not make a difference. Now need to find the Fuji NP-100 battery.

  • This is a follow up to my post looking for batteries.

    Before anybody posted about the other battery options, I went and bought a CORE gamer external 5V battery (Fry’s for $20), an international power supply (Fry’s for $20, the kind that does 100V through 250V and comes with a set of different plug tips), and a Radioshack plug end replacement socket for different tips($7, could have also gotten at Fry’s).

    I have a long flight and trip comming up from the US west coast to Europe (Germany). The idea is that this battery (which was made as an external battery for the Sony PSP) would feed the MPM through the power-in plug (5V) and could use the same main power supply to charge that would also work in Europe (or here as a second power supply at my desk at work) to charge and run the actual Player.

    Here is the part not everybody might be comfortable with: You have to cut the existing battery plug leads off and splice (solder or crimp) the replacement tip end in.

    The only draw back is that the max amperage from the battery is not enough to run the player AND charge the internal LP42 at the same time, which means that the LP42 has to either be fully loaded or taken out of the player when using the external battery.

    Now to the good part: I’ve run the player of the external battery now (with the LP42 out of the player) for two full days at my desk at work in MP3 mode (since I’ve always got my head phones on, that’s at least something like 15 hours) ON ONE SINGLE CHARGE , and it’s still going strong. I’ll post again once I run into the time limit. I’ll try not to watch any video on this charge to get the clearest charge reading out of this test run.

    Happy MP3’ing and Video watching everybody!


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