MP3 player for sporty types

MP3 players

Sports MP3 players can be a bit of a hit
and miss affair, there’s often a danger that the amount of bright colours and
rubber will get out of hand and the end result being little short of unsightly.
This strangley titled device, however, looks like it might have struck a decent balance
of protective design and fashion. This is the Arex Shacariki from RWC of Japan and it comes with a cool arm strap
which puts it in easy reach of passing muggers but I suppose that is as good a
motivation as any to run faster. It comes in four colours and has 512MB memory
capacity which is connect via USB 1.1/2.0 and it supports MP3 and WMA audio

hours of playback can be milked from a single AAA battery which is pretty
impressive. Interestingly, it also has a built in equalizer for different types
of music. It also has a voice recorder, but no FM receiver. Perhaps RWC don’t
understand the unwritten rule that everything small and electronic must come with an FM receiver! There’s
no indication of western release for the Arex Shacariki yet, but we’ll wait and

via AkibaLive

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