Did Microsoft invent the iPod?

MP3 players

Microsoft might not have entered a product
of its own into the lucrative MP3 player market yet, but it seems that the
megacorp is making fresh efforts to take its piece of the pie nonetheless. Actually
it all gets a bit more technical as it is a user interface concept that is the
focus of the issue; it transpires that a Microsoft employee first filed for a
patent on this interface design about five months prior to Apple. Although the patent
office has ruled that its finding show Microsoft beat Apple to the punch, we’re
still a long way from any final decisions. Some say that Apple might have to
pay Microsoft as much as $10 per iPod sold but it is unlikely anything so
extreme will happen. However this serves to highlight that sometimes you don’t
even need to make a physical product to generate some big bucks if you know
your way around the patent process. Apple still has time to change their patent
application to slip out of any related licensing fees.

via CNET

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