Canon hops on board the DVD cam bandwagon


With Sony’s DCR-DVD7E DVD based camcorder apparently whooping the arse of its tape based rivals, it is no surprise that other makers fancy a bit of the DVD cam action. Step forward Canon which has announced a pair of new DVD cams, one of which it boasts, is the smallest and lightest one mega pixel DVD digital video camera.

Coming in October the 1.33 mega pixel DC10 and 2.2 mega pixel DC20 record both video and still images direct to DVD. They feature a large 2.5in LCD, 9-point AiAF auto focus, a Print/Share button, 16:9 widescreen mode for panoramic widescreen, a powerful 10x optical zoom with built in lens cap and Electronic Image Stabiliser (EIS).

The top-end DC20 also features Super Night Mode which is supplemented by a mini video light for shooting even in very tricky light conditions.

There’s no news yet on the price of the models.

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